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Performance Highlights

Meditation in Forest
Five Taken
Presented at New Blue Dance Festival, Dance Ontario's Dance Weekend, Your Dance Fest, Short Dances (all Toronto, CAN), Experiment 6 (London,UK) 
Jorge Crecis'9 Minutes for EDge Dance Company
Jocelyn Mah and John Sawney were commissioned to compose a vocal score for a section of Jorge Crecis' 9 Minutes, sung a cappella live at each performance by the Company. Jocelyn acted as conductor.  
Presented at Springboard's Fluid Fest Cabaret (Calgary, CAN)
EDge Dance Company
Jocelyn performed with EDge Dance Company (London,UK) under the Artistic Direction of Jeanne Yasko, touring works by choreographers Hagit Yakira, Fabio Liberti and Jorge Crecis throughout the UK as well as Finland, Austria and Portugal. 
Taylor Han's With Catastrophic Consequences Remixed
Presented at Springboard Performance's ContainR - Redux Festival (Calgary,CAN) 
Laurence Siegel's Tribute/Promise (Dance Film)
 Sound of Movement
Improvisation-based dance, music & media performances
Charles Moultons's 72-Person Ball Passing
Presented at Fall for Dance North (Toronto, ON)
Paul-André Fortier's October Sky
Presented at Nuit Blanche (Toronto,CAN)
Ghost + John's Meniscus
Presented at The Place, The Playground (both London,UK)
Photography Credits top to bottom: Rich-Belle Banasen, Chris Nash, Camilla Greenwell (X2), Àlvaro Magalhães (X3), Mary Lou Ditta, Ilia Dergousoff, Jess Wilder, Francesca Chudnoff, Photographer unknown, 
Dominic Farlam (X3), Taylor Han
Performers pictured : Tylee Jones, Jocelyn Mah, Harry Galloway, Alice Lambert, Jacob Elliott Roberts, Olivia Arendt, Kate Forster, Natasha Arcoleo, John Sawney, Bea Calzado, Taylor Han, Nicola Adilman, Anna McSorley, Tia Kushniruk, Performers of 72-Person Ball Passing, Artists of SOM, Performers of Meniscus
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